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Below is our smile gallery before and after pictures. Photos are not enhanced, filtered, nor altered in any way.

Thank you to our patients for their consent to show these pictures.



Before: Multiple fillings that were discolored, breaking down, wore dentition .
After: Upper arch porcelain crowns.

Before: Years of worn dentition, multiple fillings and major crowding. 
After: 12 months of Clear Aligners to straighten teeth, porcelain crowns for upper front teeth.

Before: Major crowding, never had ortho in the past. 
After: 20 months of Clear Aligners to straighten teeth and Zoom whitening. 

Before: Previous office recommended  extraction and partial for front teeth. 
After: Patient is 21 years old.  4 months of ortho, our goal is to save all of her teeth by doing root canals and crowns.

Before: Uneven gingival length, lower anterior loss of tissue attachment. 
After: Gum contouring, crown lengthening, Tissue graft for lower anterior and Zoom Whitening. 

Before: Patient is 10 years old. Broke her front tooth in school.
After: Composite resin restoration. Conservative procedure 

Before: Patient broke his front teeth.  For years, composite restorations would break and chip. 

After: Two front porcelain crowns

Before: Major crowding and uneven of gingival margins.
After: 20 months of Clear Aligners. 

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